Equipment Remarketing

The Remarketing department of LTI is responsible for helping our customers with end-of-lease options, returns, and remarketing off-lease equipment. We also provide new and used high-quality equipment to our customers and other equipment dealers throughout the United States.

Benefits of working with LTI for your equipment needs:

  • We have extensive availability of new and used
    PCs, Workstations, Semi-conductor, Telecom,
    and Networking equipment.
  • We specialize in providing SUN, SGI, and DEC Workstations and peripherals configured to your specifications.
  • We also can provide semiconductor manufacturing and test equipment, telecommunications, and networking equipment.
  • Equipment is like-new, warranteed, and may be certified for manufacturers' maintenance.
  • Quick delivery arranged by LTI.

Q: Can you supply used equipment?
A: Yes. Generally if the equipment has been selling and shipping for one year or longer, it is usually possible to find it on the used market at a substantial savings over the price of new.

Q: How much can I save?
A: The older the equipment, the more you save. It is largely a function of supply and demand on that specific equipment at the time.

Q: What kind of warranty do I get?
A: It depends on the equipment. Some equipment may still have the manufacturers' warranty, which may be transferable, and some is guaranteed for a manufacturers' maintenance agreement. LTI usually offers at least a 30-day warranty.

Q: Do you supply software?
A: Some equipment is shipped with the operating system that the manufacturer will support.

Q: Can I lease used equipment second hand from LTI ?
A: This is an easy way for our customers to acquire and lease equipment. If you have LTI supply the equipment for you, we can make it easy by cutting down on the amount of paperwork that goes into a purchase lease-back arrangement (Sales Agreements, Purchase Orders, copies of cancelled checks, sales tax problems, etc.). You will also usually save money on the price of the equipment.

Q: Can I purchase the equipment instead of lease it ?
We can sell equipment regardless of the size of your purchase. If you have equipment needs that are less than our minimum lease schedule size we can simply sell you the equipment. You may be able to put it under a lease schedule at a later date.

Q: Do you buy equipment?
A: We buy equipment that has a reasonable value in the market.

Q: If we have obsolete equipment, can you refer us
to a salvage company. What about technical support?

A: Yes. We have an extensive network of experts who handle a wide array of many different types of equipment whom we can refer you to.

If you are interested in buying or selling computer, telephone, semi-conductor or other high technology equipment and you would like a representative from LTI to contact below