Corporate Background


It's more than just a line. . . . . . . . It's a remarkable story!!!!!!

LTI was founded in 1983 by F. Jared Sprole, George A. Parker and Arnold J. Hoegler, all of whom actively manage the firm today. We specialize in serving the financing needs of innovators - early stage companies with high growth expectations. As a result, our own growth has been remarkable. Having lived through the growth issues that accompany rapid growth, we can honestly say that we understand the unique management needs of our success-bound customers.

From inception until the early 1990's, LTI grew into a national lease provider serving Fortune 500 and large corporations. As this market segment became increasingly price competitive, the Company began to seek out more attractive leasing opportunities, utilizing its core strengths in credit judgement, collateral assessment and structuring expertise. At the beginning of the 1990's, the early stage, venture capital-backed and emerging growth companies segments were identified by LTI as underserved, highly fragmented markets offering an exceptional opportunity for continued growth and profitability and a market suited to the core strengths of the Company. Since 1991, the Company has transitioned itself and grown into a national provider of equipment financing serving these market segments. This expansion has been well supported by the Company's lenders, investors and suppliers.

LTI Background

Leasing Technologies International, Inc. is a privately held equipment financing company located in Wilton, CT. LTI specializes in providing equipment financing to venture capital-backed and emerging growth companies located in the U.S. The Company concentrates in several related leasing markets where our own core competency and commitment to superior service gives us an advantage:

  • venture leasing and lending
  • vendor leasing
  • structured finance

Since its inception, LTI has achieved a remarkable record of growth providing over $300 million of equipment financings to more than 500 early stage and emerging growth companies.